We cross borders

We are an internationally related law firm assisting our local and foreign clients in exceeding their business targets. We cover all legal questions of companies, like law of contract, company law, labour law, etc.

We are accredited tax law specialists. We are happy to assist you in all cases about tax on profit, VAT, taxes of foreign companies investing in Germany and German companies doing business abroad. Together with our accountancy firm, ADM Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, we assist you as well in the practical question of German Tax law, like tax declarations, tax refund and tax minimising strategy in Germany, payroll service and permanent representation in Germany.

For our British clients we are a Member of the German British Chamber of Commerce, London.

We specialised in law of foreign trade. This covers law of customs and excise, and all legal questions about import duties. The most up to date topic in customs law is the certificate as an authorised economic operator (AEO). We assist you in finding the advantages by becoming an AEO. If you decided to apply for it, we enable your company on the way to AEO. We have an expertise in preparing companies for the application to become an AEO and we represent companies in the application proceeding at the local customs authorities all over Europe.

We help you in all question of export control. In times of internationalisation of markets it is more than important to watch the relevant regulation on export control, as the Customs and Excise Manangemant Act, the Export of Good Control Order and other relevant acts and orders related to foreign trade.

We assist you in all questions of export control of Dual Use Goods. As not only law of European export control but US - American Law of export control is important we keep in our view both the European export legislations and the regulations of the US - Export and US-Reexport law.

Our expertise in this area is founded on ongoing scientific work and publications in both legal journals and newspapers. We give seminars and inhouse seminars in German and English language on that topic. We represent in criminal cases of that area.

We maintain a close relationship with our clients helping them with their day to day business. Whilst we provide our clients with the legal answers to their questions in a cost effective way we bear in mind that our clients are seeking swift and pragmatic answers to their questions that allow them to progress their business.

Due to our specialization in tax law and law of foreign trade we are able to offer solutions for international clients with both national and international business. Because of our membership in the Consulegis-network of law firms we work with business lawyers tax lawyers, as well as family lawyers all over the world to ensure a highly specialised consultancy.

Knowing that not only business but life is international we deal with cases in international family law. We represent international divorces, we draft prenuptial agreements with respect to multinational marriages. We specialised in cases of international child abduction. As especially in the latter the most effective and prompt advice is obligatory we maintain a close relation with the International Family Law Chamber London.  

We give practical legal advice. We always assist our clients with the aim to “keep it simple” and we think that law is only there to assist you in optimising your business success.

HMR&C UK: AEO Online Application

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Fit for AEO?

New AEO Seminar for Consulegis, our network of solicitors, is coming up in November 20th, 2007 in Cologne.

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